Alpha Transparency

Ravel is a proprietary visualization tool that provides transparency and insight into the unique factors that shape our macroeconomic trading models and econometric framework.

Ravel invites investors to explore the trading models that run our portfolio, offering clarity into the research and economic theory behind each factor in our framework. The tool grants transparency into the core underpinnings of our strategy to help investors understand the value and impact of our alternative trading models.

By enabling users to examine the drivers and historical performance of our framework’s fundamental components, investors can see how our strategies react to a wide variety of market trends and economic stress events.

Unrivaled Transparency

Delve into the factors and major signals that drive our award-winning liquid alternative strategies.

Actionable Analysis

Harness data from our framework to strategically inform your systematic investing decisions.

Explore the foundation of our strategies.

Ravel helps investors understand the factors and market drivers that fuel our alternative investment strategies.