About the Firm

RQSI is a quantitative investment management firm that uses systematic trading strategies to seek, capture, and deliver alpha.

We have over three decades of experience delivering innovative investment solutions with a marked expertise in macroeconomic data processing, multidimensional risk diversification, trade execution algorithms, and global market dynamics.

At our core, we are practitioner-researchers that synthesize statistical methods, economic theory, and deep market knowledge into robust alternative strategies that produce durable alpha for our investors.


We embed risk management at every stage of the investment process. Risk is analyzed and diversified across style, asset class, and time frame to ensure balanced exposures.


Our alternative strategies are logical, economically sound, and based on fundamental drivers of return. Quantitative methods are used to further test and refine concepts, not create them.

Systematically Applied

We take a systematic approach to protect against common pitfalls associated with discretionary trading. This approach insulates portfolios from biases while generating durable alpha over time.


Different investors have different objectives. To ensure a strong portfolio fit optimized for alpha, our alternative strategies can be thoroughly customized through our investing platform.

Neil Ramsey


Neil Ramsey is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Ramsey Quantitative Systems, Inc. For the last 34 years, Neil has been involved in the development and execution of the quantitative and systematic trading models that have influenced RQSI’s approach to asset management.

A History of Innovation

Established in 1986 as Ramsey Financial, Inc., RQSI has been delivering innovative quantitative and systematic investment products for over three decades. Many pivots and expansions to our core business have allowed us to remain relevant throughout several different economic regimes, culminating in the suite of tools and products we proudly offer today.

A Truly Orthogonal Approach to Alternatives

We focus on creating durable strategies that produce diversification even in the most tumultuous market cycles.