Our History

Every major event going back to the founding of the firm has made a contribution to the portfolio we now trade.

Our interactive timeline tracks the firm’s milestones as they relate to the evolution of the alternative strategies we offer today: Systematic Global Macro (SGM) covers the progression of our systematic futures strategy; Diversified Alternative Yield (DAY) covers the development of our direct lending and structured credit strategy.


Neil Ramsey co-founds International Matrix, a CTA designed to diversify traditional stock/bond portfolios through proprietary trading models.


Ramsey Financial, a commodity pool operator, is kickstarted through a mandate for managed futures by the Virginia Retirement Systems.

Outside Managers

Built an in-house managed account platform focused on futures trading with automated reconciliation and real-time risk monitoring.

Infrastructure Outside Managers

Enhanced our managed account platform to facilitate fully-automated tracking and backtesting of in-house technical futures models. This system is still in use today.

Infrastructure Price-Based

Built Flexfolio, an asset allocation and portfolio optimization tool that has since paved the road for Qubit’s development.

Relative Value Price-Based

Launched a statistical arbitrage fund that performed in the top decile of its peer group for all seven of its trading years, reaching a total AUM of $2B.

Trade Execution Fundamental

Launched TradePipe, a multi-asset class trading platform that pioneered online real-time execution trading. Sold to Lehman Brothers in 2005.

Trade Execution Infrastructure

Launched the RQSI Managed Futures Fund and created the Emerging CTA Index (ECI), a major source of seed capital for commodity-trading advisors.

Outside Managers

Began development of fundamental trading models using econometric data to discern macroeconomic regimes.


Purchased Guaranteed Weather, a weather derivatives risk management company as a joint venture with Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance and Hannover Re. Sold in 2007.


Established Everbright ALAM, a Chinese real estate joint venture with Everbright Bank.


Formed BHR Capital, a distressed debt and equity joint venture with Bay Harbour Management.


Formalized the RQSI Global Asset Allocation Master Fund (GAA) after three years of development.

Price-Based Relative Value Fundamental Infrastructure Trade Execution

Consolidated and enhanced our econometric trading models, which led to the development of our GYfi framework.


Established China Post Global, a joint venture asset management company between RQSI, China Post, and Capital Fund Management Co., Ltd.


RQSI GAA Systematic Global Macro wins Best Systematic Macro Fund at the CTA Intelligence Awards.

Launched the GAA Systematic Global Macro mutual fund, available in both institutional and retail share classes

RQSI GAA Systematic Global Macro wins Best Systematic Macro Fund at the CTA Intelligence Awards and Best Managed Futures Fund at the Investors Choice Awards.

Launched the DAY fund, a diversified alternative yield strategy that uses a blended foundation of direct lending and structured credit.

Launched Qubit, an intelligent asset management platform that enables investors to fully customize RQSI’s alternative strategies.


RQSI GAA Systematic Global Macro wins Best Systematic Macro Fund at the HFM US Quant Performance Awards.

Balancing academia and practical experience

RQSI is grounded in academic research and informed through decades of on-ground trading experience.