Our Approach

We take a systematic approach to investment management centered on alpha capture from six distinct behavioral and economic effects.

RQSI uses a systematic approach that powers the alternative strategies we offer to our investors. In contrast to discretionary trading, systematic investing's rules-based approach offers considerable benefits to investors, namely efficient insulation from behavioral biases, added scalability, and enhanced risk management.

Alpha is generated through the nexus of two key concepts: The 6 Effects and The 12 Boxes. Structured by three distinct silos that further classify our trading models, the framework represents the orthogonal essence of our systematic macro strategies for attractive, risk-adjusted returns.

The 6 Effects

We source alpha through a collection of six behavioral and economic effects based on broad market phenomena.

Econometric T e c hni c al R e l ati v e V a l ue Equity Risk Premium I n v estor Ps y chology Global Macro Price M ov es Insu r ance Premium / Carry Short - T erm Liquidity Pr o visions V arying Utility Cur v es

Opportunities presented through The 6 Effects are subsequently segmented into silos defined by four classifications: the data used to generate signals, the way risk is allocated, the manner of trading, and the time frame. Through this system we are able to develop and offer transparent, bespoke liquid alternative products that optimally meet investor objectives.

The 12 Boxes

The 12 Box Framework is a liquid alternative investing strategy that captures alpha from six behavioral and economic effects. Its trading models incorporate multitudes of data sources to generate thousands of signals that capitalize on the opportunities produced by The 6 Effects.

Systematic strategies engineered to capture alpha

RQSI offers liquid and illiquid alternative investment strategies optimal for a wide variety of institutional portfolios.