Systematic Global Macro

Fully customizable liquid alternative strategies for attractive risk-adjusted returns with multifaceted diversification.
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Our suite of liquid alternative products generates attractive risk-adjusted returns with multiple levels of diversification and little to no correlation to traditional asset classes. The products trade only the most liquid global futures contracts and can be fully customized for a cohesive, optimal fit alongside existing allocations using Qubit, our quantitative investing tool.

Each product is constructed using the 12 Box Framework, a liquid alternative investing framework built to capture alpha from six orthogonal behavioral and economic effects. Our 20+ liquid alt products are engineered to satisfy distinct roles in the context of an overall portfolio, organized through four unique categories based on the functions they can serve in existing portfolios.

Orthogonal Sources of Return

Our suite of systematic global macro products relies on a set of distinct components that advance diversification past simpler classifications.

Dynamic Portfolio Exposure

The fund’s diversified trading approaches capture a variety of anomalies, producing positive results across multiple market environments.

Robust Alpha, Judicious Beta

Investors can calibrate asset class exposure to tilt long or short in order to select alpha and beta that best aligns with an existing portfolio.

Investment Products

Our Systematic Global Macro offerings are segmented into three product types, each containing multiple liquid alternative products suited for a wide variety of goals. Strategies can be further customized to ensure a strong portfolio fit for investors.

Risk On strategies have the highest return potential, but generally rely on some equity beta. They trade a variety of assets and are considered quintessential liquid alt funds.

Investment Universe

Systematic Global Macro trades over 60 global futures across a variety of different asset classes, geographies, sectors, and duration for broad asset exposure, both long and short.

Fund Information

The Systematic Global Macro program is available through a variety of investment vehicles to meet our investors’ individual requirements and objectives.

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