Diversified Alternative Yield

An illiquid alternative strategy that uses a blended foundation of direct lending and structured credit.

Building on our historical DNA for sourcing new talented managers, we have applied the same level of diligence in selecting unique managers with unique talents to build a portfolio for managing excess cash from our systematic futures strategies.

Diversified Alternative Yield seeks to produce attractive risk-adjusted returns from a blended foundation of direct lending and structured credit. The strategy uses a disciplined emphasis on fundamental credit analysis, risk control, and loss avoidance for a risk profile similar to fixed income, but with the added capacity for higher yields in down markets.

Uncorrelated Return Stream

Our Diversified Alternative Yield strategy has no correlation to global equities, making it an attractive addition to any portfolio exposed to equity risk.

Fixed Income Alternative

Direct lending offers a similar profile to fixed income securities, but with the benefit of stronger yield opportunities and no correlation to global equities.

Investment Universe

While private credit is the cornerstone of Diversified Alternative Yield, the fund is further diversified with allocations to specialty finance and public yield-oriented strategies.

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