Investor Transparency

Ravel Snapshot provides a daily summary of signals and reads from Ravel, a visualization tool that explores RQSI’s trading models and econometric framework. For a more in-depth analysis, view the full report.
Asset Class Exposure | 10/19/2022
Our Systematic Global Macro strategy has three distinct broad categories of trading models: Econometric, Technical, and Relative Value. Ravel, and by extension Ravel Snapshot, is meant to illuminate our Econometric sleeve. Our Econometric trading models utilize only global economic data (rather than security price data) to generate signals. Our Econometric signals break into four categories: Growth, Yield, Fear and Inflation; global macroeconomic data is used to build our view of each component. The graph below shows the actual asset class exposure we have today as a result of our Econometric models.
Country Comparison
World Map