Alternative Investment Strategies

We offer bespoke liquid and illiquid alternative strategies for a wide variety of portfolios and financial objectives.

We take a tailored approach to alternatives by helping investors craft bespoke, robust strategies that meet their unique needs and objectives - all while producing the same attractive risk-adjusted returns and low correlation that investors expect from alt strategies.

In conjunction with our suite of investing tools, RQSI's funds can be customized for a cohesive fit within any existing portfolio and strategy.

Systematic Global Macro

Our liquid alternative strategies provide multifaceted diversification and component-based customization through our proprietary investing framework.

Offerings are segmented into four distinct segments suited for a wide variety of goals, culminating in 20 unique investment products that satisfy a specific purpose in the context of an overall portfolio.

Diversified Alternative Yield

A blended foundation of direct lending and structured credit for a risk profile similar to fixed income, but with little economic cycle risk and zero correlation.

While private credit is the cornerstone of Diversified Alternative Yield, the fund is further diversified with allocations to specialty finance and public yield-oriented strategies.

Trading Model Silos

Our sources of return are based on six behavioral and economic effects selected for their ability to produce diversification even in the most volatile market cycles. To capture alpha, we deploy a factor-based framework structured by three distinct silos.

Econometric T e c hni c al R e l ati v e V a l ue Macroeconomic Price-Based Directional Relati v e V alue Asset-Specific Instrument-Specific Within Each Asset Class Short to L ong - T erm Short to Medium - T erm L ong - T erm

RQSI's quantitative trading models fall within these silos, as defined by four classifications: the data that is used to generate signals, the way it allocates risk, the way it trades, and its timeframe. This framework represents the orthogonal essence of our strategy for attractive, risk-adjusted returns.

Investment Vehicles

RQSI strategies are available through a variety of investment vehicles to meet our investors’ individual requirements.

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