We spent most of 2019 focusing on bolstering our existing products and ensuring our capabilities were transparent and accessible to future investors. Our two primary products, Global Asset Allocation (GAA) Systematic Global Macro and Systematic Yield - each cataloged under our Systematic Global Macro strategies - had very good years producing 14% and 11% net to investors, respectively.

On the development front, 2019’s work has concentrated on solidifying the underlying structure that guides our decision making: The 12 Box Framework. The strategy underlying our track record has loosely adhered to this framework since inception, but it was not until February 2019 that we formally defined The 12 Box Framework as our strategy and organized our portfolio according to its effects.

Along with reinforcing The 12 Box Framework, we released two major components of our alternative investment platform: Qubit and SOCIO. The tools work hand-in-hand to provide investors with the ability to customize strategies that fit cohesively alongside existing allocations.

We believe we have strengthened our product offerings throughout the year by improving all of their core components - the 12 Boxes - making them more robust on both a standalone and a relative basis. With the launch of Qubit and SOCIO, investors are now able to tailor components of The 12 Box Framework to satisfy individual needs and objectives.

Altogether, I’m very proud of the work done to enhance RQSI’s capabilities throughout the past year. I invite you to read the full report on RQSI’s 2019 performance, updates, and what lies ahead for our firm in the new year and beyond.