RQSI 2019 Year In Review

RQSI has been in the business of delivering innovative investment solutions since 1986.

Our technologies provided a great service for a number of clients in 2019. As we begin 2020, we take a look back at the past year, its ups and downs and everything in between. Our team spent most of 2019 making RQSI's products as robust as possible and our capabilities as transparent as possible to our future investors. I'm proud of the work we've done.

Our two primary products, GAA Systematic Global Macro and Systematic Yield, both had very good years, producing 14% and 11% net to investors for 2019, respectively. We produced this return with econometric, technical, and relative value all contributing almost equal amounts to performance. We are very well positioned for future markets and feel we have a good balance of long-term perspective with reasonably responsive risk control.

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