LOUISVILLE, KY - Ramsey Quantitative Systems, Inc. (RQSI) today announced a major shift in its core offerings with the introduction of a new software platform engineered to provide investors with enhanced product customization and transparency into the firm’s systematic strategy. Helmed by three major applications - Ravel, Qubit, and Socio - RQSI’s ecosystem of fintech tools enables investors to analyze, build, customize, and backtest the firm’s quantitative funds for robust alpha that’s complementary to an investor’s core portfolio.

Each tool offers considerable access to RQSI’s strategy and funds: Ravel provides insight into the unique factors that shape RQSI’s trading models; Qubit equips investors with the means to create new funds or refine existing products through RQSI’s framework; Socio helps investors determine how to best integrate alternatives based on IPS and existing allocations.

The firm’s shift to bespoke quantitative funds follows a larger industry trend for stronger client-centric offerings and is meant to overcome major concerns regarding liquid alternative investments. RQSI’s made-to-measure approach provides investors with efficient use of capital that delivers desired volatility, produces a return stream to complement an existing portfolio, and charges fees only for value-added performance.

“Through our new platform we are able to create custom alternative products that are truly additive and relevant for a client in the context of their existing portfolio,” said Neil Ramsey, Founder and CEO of RQSI. “We are excited to form partnerships with investors looking to integrate custom products and are eager to show off our latest solution-oriented tech.”

To explore RQSI’s fintech tools or to request a demo, please visit www.rqsi.com.

About RQSI

Ramsey Quantitative Systems, Inc. (RQSI) is a quantitative investment management firm headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Founded in 1986 by Neil Ramsey, RQSI has been a pioneer in systematic trading for over 34 years. RQSI’s quantitative funds have earned numerous accolades including a recent 2019 win for Best Systematic Macro Fund at the HFM Global CTA Intelligence Awards.