Our Mission

Our Philosophy

  • We embed risk management at every stage of the investment process.
  • Risk is analyzed and diversified across style, asset class and timeframe to ensure balanced exposures.
  • Implemented concepts are economically sound.
  • Quantitative methods are used to test concepts, not create them.
  • All strategies are based on fundamental drivers of return and computational methods are used to test and refine them.
  • A systematic approach to investing is the most robust way to insulate portfolios from behavioral biases and generate durable alpha over time.
  • A systematic approach protects against “greed and fear”.
  • Our alpha sources are robust but we understand that different investors have different objectives, which is why we have made our systematic approach fully customizable.
Neil Ramsey, CEO & Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Ramsey founded Ramsey Financial, Inc., the predecessor of RQSI, in 1986 and has been involved in the development and execution of systematic trading models including both futures and equity trading since that time. He is responsible for all investment activities for RQSI including development and approval of all trading strategies and portfolio/risk management and for providing overall strategic direction for RQSI. Mr. Ramsey is also responsible for managing all external investments for the firm with outside trading managers and has been allocating to external managers for over 25 years.

Prior to forming RQSI, Mr. Ramsey was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, where he worked with both domestic and foreign multi-national corporations in strategy development. Mr. Ramsey holds an M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University and a B.E., summa cum laude, in Engineering from Vanderbilt University.

Jeff Gregory, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Compliance Officer

Mr. Gregory joined RQSI in 2005 and is responsible for the overseeing all operational aspects of the firm including Trading, Back Office, Compliance, and Performance Management/Reporting. Prior to serving in this role, Mr. Gregory was Head of Research at RQSI, responsible for the development and review of the analytical models used for systematic trading at RQSI.

Prior to joining RQSI, Mr. Gregory was with Prosperitas Investment Partners, responsible for due diligence, deal structuring, and portfolio company oversight, and with McKinsey & Company, where he focused on strategic and operational areas. Mr. Gregory received a B.S. in Physics from Davidson College, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech and an M.B.A. from Harvard University.

Josh Albertsen, Chief Administration Officer

Mr. Albertsen joined RQSI in 2014 as Chief Administration Officer. In this role, he provides leadership and oversight to the firm’s operations and administrative functions. His responsibilities include creating and improving operating policies/procedures, financial analysis/planning, fund compliance, information technology systems, and human resource functions.

Prior to joining RQSI, Mr. Albertsen worked in commercial banking, most recently at JP Morgan Chase, where he managed, advised, and developed tailored solutions for commercial clients seeking to expand, acquire, and improve operating efficiencies. In his career, he was also CFO of an impact investment fund, as well as manager of all operations at a full service multi-state supplier/dealer of positioning technologies. Mr. Albertsen graduated from Samford University.

Chris Satterfield, Director of New Business Development & Special Projects

Mr. Satterfield joined RQSI in September 1999 and is currently responsible for overseeing client and business relationships and strategic planning. Mr. Satterfield is currently located in Hong Kong and working on behalf of RQSI as CEO of ChinaPost Global to establish distribution relationships for RQSI products in Asia and with other global distribution platforms.

Before his role as Director of New Business, Mr. Satterfield was Chief Operating Officer for five years overseeing Operations and Information Technology and spent four years as RQSI’s Director of Research and Trading where he was responsible for research, development, and implementation of RQSI’s quantitative strategies. Prior to joining RQSI, Mr. Satterfield spent three years developing and trading quantitative systems. Mr. Satterfield served in the United States Navy for six years as a nuclear submarine repairman and was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal and received his Honorable Discharge in 1997.

Jonathan Younie, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer

Mr. Younie joined RQSI in 2007. As CTO and CISO, he is responsible for overseeing the company’s entire network and software engineering landscape with a focus on information security. In this role, he is responsible for planning and overseeing development of the company’s internal software systems, network infrastructure, disaster recovery, and business continuity, as well as ensuring the safety of the organization’s intellectual property. Prior to serving this role, Mr. Younie served as Director of Information Security, Senior Software Engineer and Tradedesk Liaison which included coordination and development of RQSI’s internal trading and trade management systems.

Prior to joining RQSI, Mr. Younie worked as a software and network/security engineer, most recently as Director of Information Technology for Nicolet Capital, an investment firm focused on the development of short-term trading strategies. He has been in professional computer engineering and information systems management for over 20 years and possesses more than 15 technology certifications in the software, network, and security engineering fields as well as technical training certifications.

Jaideep Karnawat, Research Analyst, GAA Portfolio Mgr. & Small Cap Portfolio Mgr.

Mr. Karnawat joined RQSI in 2008 and is a Research Analyst and Portfolio Manager for the GAA and Small Cap Funds.  He is responsible for the development of quantitative and risk strategies for RQSI’s futures and equity trading strategies including development of automated risk management and trading execution tools.

Mr. Karnawat received both a B.S. and M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from IIT, India in 2006 and an M.B.A. in Finance and Accounting from Vanderbilt University in 2008. Mr. Karnawat also holds the Financial Risk Manager designation given by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).