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RQSI Privacy Policy

Ramsey Quantitative Systems, Inc. Privacy Notice Policy Definitions The following defined terms are used throughout this Privacy Notice Policy: 1. Clients – (1) RQSI’s separately managed accounts (“SMAs”), (2) current Investors, and (3) potential investors or prospects. 2. Investors – Shareholders in the RQSI Global Asset Allocation Master Fund, Ltd and the RQSI Global Asset Allocation Fund, Ltd. 3. Natural Person – A living, breathing human being, as opposed to a legal entity. 4. Non-Public Personal Information – Personally identifiable financial information, including any information a client provides to obtain a financial product or service; any information about a client [...]

2017 Year In Review

RQSI 2017 Year In Review We wanted to take a moment at the close of 2017 to give an update on our strategies and how we have implemented and evolved them over the years. 2017 was an example of how our models worked in concert to produce solid returns for the first 7 months of the year when the general CTA space suffered and then continued to produce solid results for the last 5 months when trend-following worked well. You can see the full analysis of 2017 in the “Performance Commentary” section of this Year In Review. We are excited [...]

2016 Year In Review

RQSI 2016 Year In Review Our annual Year In Review includes a Letter from the Manager (Mr. Ramsey), which blends several components, including a look back on our year, personal insights, market analysis and a look forward. A detailed Performance Analysis and Summary is also presented.  An overview of our GAA Systematic Global Macro Fund and our firm’s philosophic drivers, round out the publication.

2015 Year In Review

Dear Friends, Looking back on 2015, it seems like we just lived two different years. The first half was the year of perfection. It was as if the markets were designed to fit our models. The second half of the year was a constant battle. All in all, it was a solid year with a net return of almost 5%. We would hope for a higher return, but given the implosion in commodity prices and the choppiness elsewhere, our models simply do not react to a higher frequency chop like we saw in many markets. From a broader perspective, the [...]